Thanks for your interest in applying with Embassy!

The application process has 3 steps:

1 Commitments › 2 Questionnaire › 3 Reference Form


Step 1: Commitments

Please read through the following carefully.

I. Security Policy Commitments

In order to maintain the security of your friends abroad, we ask you to do the following:

1. Make a clean email account.

This new account should not include your full name.

It should not be the same one you use as a login for Facebook or any social media.

2. Use this clean account in all email communication with Embassy.

Your full name and identity will be confirmed over the phone.

Our database where we store your real information is kept offline. You are at no risk in the event of a hack.

Note: Never respond to emails requesting personal information about you or your friends abroad (full names, cities, etc.) We will never ask for this information. If you ever receive an email requesting this, delete your account and call us.


II. Service Commitments

In applying to serve through Embassy, you agree to:

1. Establish a local prayer and accountability group.

Find 3-5 people who will pray for you and for the people you reach out to. Update them weekly with prayer requests.

2. Complete training.

Training videos are available online, and will be made accessible once you join.

Ongoing support and resources are made available to volunteers throughout their time of outreach.

3. Reach out.

Volunteers set aside at least 45 minutes a week to connect with Muslims living in closed nations: women speaking with women, and men speaking with men.

Our premise is simple: We develop real friendships. Within the context of friendship, we share our faith, share the gospel, and invite our friends to study the Bible. This is unscripted and uncontrolled: It's just real life, with our eyes lifted to God.

4. Stay connected.

Volunteers are expected to continue to check their clean email account in order to maintain communication with Embassy staff.

Volunteers are asked to share a brief (2-3 sentence) update with staff on a monthly basis via


Step 2: Questionnaire

Please complete the following form after you have created your new, clean email address.

Include first name only. We will follow up by phone to gather further information.
Phone *
Please answer in short answer form (2-3 sentences or a paragraph)
If your church is part of a denomination, which one?
Please indicate your acceptance of the following by checking each box: *

Step 3: Reference Form

To be completed by Pastor, Ministry Director, or Bible Study leader

The final step in your application is to have trusted spiritual leader who knows you well fill out a reference form on your behalf.

To get started, direct your pastor, ministry director, or Bible study leader to the following link: