Thanks for your interest in applying with Embassy!

The application process has 3 steps:

1 Commitments › 2 Questionnaire › 3 Reference Form


Step 1: Commitments

Please read through the following carefully.

I. Security Policy Commitments

In order to maintain the security of your friends abroad, we ask you to do the following:

1. Make a new email account.

  • This new account should not include your full name

  • It should not be the same one you use as a login for Facebook or any social media. 

2. Use this new email account in all email communication with Embassy.

  • Your full name and identity will be confirmed over the phone.

  • Our database where we store your real information is kept offline. You are at no risk in the event of a hack.

3. Never respond to emails requesting personal information about you or your friends abroad (full names, cities, etc.)

  • We will never ask for this information. If you ever receive an email requesting this, delete your email account and call us.

Thank you for taking these measures seriously.

II. Service Commitments

In applying to serve through Embassy, you agree to:

1. Establish a local prayer and accountability group.

  • Find 3-5 people who will pray for you and for the people you reach out to. Update them weekly with prayer requests. 

  • Ask your friends to provide encouragement and accountability as you serve.

2. Complete training.

  • Training videos are available online, and will be made accessible once you’re accepted.

  • The full cost is $12. This training is accessible individually or for a group setting. 

  • Front-end training takes about two hours. Secondary training is best accessed after you’ve made initial connections with friends abroad (generally in the second or third week of service). This takes between 3-4 hours.

  • Ongoing support is made available to volunteers after they join. Training materials have been made available courtesy of e3 Partners and Crescent Project, with some additional pieces donated by Frontiers.

3. Reach out.

  • Volunteers are expected to spend at least 45 minutes a week (for an initial term of six months) pursuing and developing relationships with Muslims living in closed countries. 

  • The 45 minutes can be broken up into separate blocks of time throughout the week if desired. 

  • Volunteers have the option of connecting with different people, until they find someone who they feel comfortable having ongoing conversation with.

  • Develop a real friendship. Within the context of that friendship, share you faith, share the gospel, and invite your friend to study the Bible with you.

  • Volunteers who have a preference of location will be given the option of choosing which nation they reach into.

4. Stay connected.

  • Volunteers are expected to continue to check their new email account in order to maintain communication with Embassy staff.

  • Volunteers are asked to share a brief (2-3 sentence) update with staff on a monthly basis via


Step 2: Questionnaire

Please complete the following form after you have created your new, clean email address.

Include first name only. We will follow up by phone to gather further information.
Phone *
Please answer in short answer form (2-3 sentences or a paragraph)
If your church is part of a denomination, which one?
Please indicate your acceptance of the following by checking each box: *

step 3: Reference Form
To be completed by Pastor, Ministry Director, or Bible Study leader

The final step in your application is to have trusted spiritual leader who knows you well fill out a reference form on your behalf.

To get started, send the link below to your pastor, ministry director, or Bible study leader: