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Build authentic friendships with Muslims in hard-to-reach places.


An opportunity ready to be taken.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in closed nations speak your language, and they're using the Internet to make connections. 

Embassy exists so that they'll meet followers of Jesus.

Because everyone deserves to hear about Jesus – our only hope for the future and our only hope for the present. 

If you know him, come with us.


Genuine friendships. Real hope.

We identify online platforms used by Muslims abroad and link them to Christ-followers who share the gospel, invite people to read the Bible, and pray for them by name.

We believe in unscripted dialogue and authentic friendship. 
We believe in outreach that defies and circumvents all borders, barriers, and assumptions.


We can help you

At its heart, Embassy is a movement of intentional goers. We locate priority websites to send Christ-followers to, and teach you how to start conversations with strangers.

Volunteers use the platforms provided to make a new friend, and then continue the conversation via audio, video, or text options.

Embassy Logo Reverse@300x.png

About Embassy

"Christ's love compels us..."

Embassy was founded in response to opportunity. It was 2011. The Arab Spring was just beginning, and we found ourselves in contact with tens of thousands of Muslims in closed nations.

They wanted to talk about hope, justice, peace, identity. They believed that life can be worth dying for. But they had never heard the good news of Jesus.

Today, Embassy is Crescent Project's "online arm" into closed nations. We exist to mobilize, equip, and connect the church for this opportunity. Because whether people are living in war or peace, in danger or in safety, the message of Jesus is relevant.

It's urgent, it's pressing, and it's ours to tell.

Millions of Muslims are still waiting for an authentic Christian witness. Reach into closed nations with us. Represent Christ, and watch God do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.