Share Christ in
Closed Nations



Percent of the world that is Unreached (having little to no access to the gospel.)
That's over three billion people.


Percent of Christians who go to the unreached.


Number of seconds it takes to find a connection point to Unreached People Groups online.


Muslims need Christian friends.

Many Muslims, especially those in closed nations, have no contact with followers of Jesus. The good news? Many of these same people speak English and are eager to make friends online.


You can be that friend.

You don’t have to be an expert in Islam – or in Biblical theology – to build an authentic friendship with a Muslim. We’re looking for followers of Jesus who are willing to take a step of faith.


We’re here to help you.

We’ll help connect you with online platforms used by Muslims abroad, creating opportunity for new friendship.

As your friendship grows organically, we come alongside you with resources and encouragement to grow in your love and understanding of Muslims.

Embassy isn’t about scripts. We’re about authentic relationships that point to Jesus, our only true hope.

Calling followers of Jesus to a step of faith.

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About Embassy

"Christ's love compels us..."

Embassy was founded in response to opportunity. It was 2011. The Arab Spring was just beginning, and we found ourselves in contact with tens of thousands of Muslims in closed nations.

They wanted to talk about hope, justice, peace, identity. They believed that life can be worth dying for. But they had never heard the good news of Jesus.

Today, Embassy is Crescent Project's "online arm" into closed nations. We exist to mobilize, equip, and connect the church for this opportunity. Because whether people are living in war or peace, in danger or in safety, the message of Jesus is relevant.

It's urgent, it's pressing, and it's ours to tell.

Millions of Muslims are still waiting for an authentic Christian witness. Reach into closed nations with us. Represent Christ, and watch God do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.