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2018 conference highlights


Motivating workshops and keynotes taught by some of the world’s foremost experts and practitioners in Muslim ministry 


Six workshop tracks at different levels for audiences ranging from the “simply curious” to experienced leaders 


Powerful stories from the frontlines of Muslim ministry and testimonies from Believers from a Muslim Background


2018 Conference Featured Speakers

Workshop Tracks

Choose from multiple workshop tracks in 2018 to explore content most relevant to you! 
Click [+] for details.


[+] Bridges Track

The Bridges Track is designed for those who are new to reaching out to Muslims and interested in learning the fundamentals of Islam and how to begin intentionally making authentic relationships.

  • Foundations of Islam
  • Is the Injeel Corrupted?
  • Reaching Muslim Students
  • Digital Faith Friends: Reaching Muslims in Closed Nations
  • Refugees: A Great Place to Begin

[+] Ambassadors Track*

The Ambassadors Track is for those who have already made authentic and respectful relationships with Muslims and are prayerfully preparing to share the Gospel.

  • Jonah or Jesus: Why We Run From Words Like "Truth", "Repent" and "Sin"
  • The Bible is Not Awkward: How to Study with a Muslim
  • Honor Shame as a Bridge
  • It's Lonely Out Here: Building Effective Ministry Teams
  • Conversational Fluency: The Gospel in Normal Conversation

[+] Discipleship Track*

The Discipleship Track is for those who are engaging in respectful Gospel conversations with their Muslim friends and are walking beside them as they consider the cost of choosing Christ.

  • Becoming the New Umma: The Needs of Those Who Have Lost Everything
  • Women in Islam
  • Loving for the Long Haul: Sticking With It When Things Get Messy
  • Refugees 201: The Hands and Feet of Truth
  • Reaching the Modern Muslim: The Quran Through a Mecca Lens

[+] Going Deeper Track*

The Going Deeper Track is for those who are navigating some of the more difficult conversations and circumstances that can frustrate or derail friendships and discipleship.

  • The Trouble with the Trinity
  • Spiritual Warfare: When and How to Fight for Your Muslim Friend
  • Contextualization: Maintaining the Integrity of the Gospel
  • Sharia Law: "right" and "wrong" as a Bridge to Discussing Sin
  • Who is Isa bin Maryam: Discussing the Divinity of Jesus

[+] BMB Track

This Track is for our Brothers and Sisters from a Muslim background who have chosen the way of Christ and are passionate about digging deep into their new faith and exploring Christian behaviors.

  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Understanding the Spiritual Disciplines
  • Persecution
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Prepared to Give an Answer

[+] Church Leader Track

The Church Leader Track is designed for Pastors, Elders and other Ministry Leaders who are in a position to introduce and encourage the Body of Christ to intentionally reach out to Muslims at home or abroad.

  • Getting My Congregation to Care
  • Making the Pew Uncomfortable: The Art of Getting Practical
  • Addressing the Hard Questions with the Laity (Jihad, Abuse, Sharia)
  • Becoming the New Umma: Making Your Church Safe for Muslims
  • Mobilizing Women to Women

*Please note that the Ambassadors Track, Discipleship Track, and Going Deeper Track assume a basic understanding of Islam as found in the Bridges Study.

Conference Schedule

Thursday, November 1

6:00pm Check-in / Exhibitor Hall Opens
7:30pm Welcome & Worship
7:55pm Hope Worth Sharing
Fouad Masri
8:20pm Testimony of a Former Muslim
Zak Mirzadeh, Illusionist
9:20pm Closing Remarks
9:30pm Dismissed
10:00pm Exhibitor Hall Closes

Friday, November 2

7:45am Exhibitor Hall Opens
8:30am Welcome & Worship
8:45am Testimony
8:50am Hope: More Than A Wish
10:00am Coffee Break (Exhibitor Hall Open)
10:30am Workshop Session 1
11:45am Lunch* (Exhibitor Hall Open)
1:00pm Workshop Session 2
2:15pm Coffee Break (Exhibitor Hall Open)
3:00pm Workshop Session 3
4:15pm Coffee Break (Exhibitor Hall Open)
5:00pm Panel of Believers from a Muslim Background
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Welcome & Worship
7:50pm Worth: More Than Merit
Nik Ripken
8:40pm Beyond the Veil Fashion Show
8:55pm Testimony & Call to Action
9:15pm Dismissal
9:45pm Exhibitor Hall Closes

Saturday, November 3

7:45am Exhibitor Hall Opens
8:30am Welcome & Worship
8:55am Sharing: More Than Ready
Fouad Masri
9:50am Testimony
10:00am Coffee Break (Exhibitor Hall Open)
10:30am Workshop Session 4
11:45am Lunch* (Exhibitor Hall Open)
1:00pm Workshop Session 5
2:15pm Coffee Break (Exhibitor Hall Open)
3:00pm Welcome & Worship
3:25pm 25 Years of Sharing the Hope
Special Guest
4:15pm Communion
4:45pm Closing Prayer & Commissioning
5:00pm Dismissal
5:30pm Exhibitor Hall Closes

* Strategic Lunch Circles, hosted by our sponsors, are designed to discuss various mobilization strategies more in-depth and promote networking. Seating is limited (first come, first serve).


What Past attendees are saying:

“Excellent content, presentation, and speakers. Excellent, period. Thank you.”
— Mike from Texas
The Crescent Project National Conference has by far been one of the most beneficial learning experiences I have ever had.
— John from Atlanta
I was so inspired and am planning on bringing my husband to the next conference!
— Jane from Houston

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