Crescent Project National Conference 2017


November 2 - 4

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina


Stories of Islamic terrorism and violence are everywhere and seemingly endless. For many, the story ends there. Over the last 20 years, however, we've seen another narrative emerge: increasing numbers of Muslims putting their faith in Jesus around the world. We are in the midst of another great awakening
and it's happening throughout the Muslim world! 

Join us as we dive into this epic movement to learn how we can engage locally
or abroad. Be inspired and equipped to join an increasing number of Christians who are answering the call to serve as ambassadors for Jesus
to Muslims across the street, on campus, at work, or beyond.

Muslims are responding to the Gospel...are you ready to share it with them? 



2017 Conference Featured Speakers



2017 Workshops

More coming soon! Titles subject to change.


The Gospel for Muslim Women
JoAnn Doyle of Not Forgotten

Islam in the Global South
By Dr. Pat Cate of Christar

Technology: Reaching Muslims in Closed Nations
Brad Stoops of Mobile Ministry Network

Global Research on Evangelism: Best Practices
By Jim Haney of the IMB

Reaching the Diaspora
John Baxter of NextMove

Common Questions: Is the Bible Corrupt?
Fouad Masri of Crescent Project

To Disciple the Persecuted
Tom Doyle, Author of “Killing Christians”

What Last Year's Attendees are Saying:

“Excellent content, presentation, and speakers. Excellent, period. Thank you.”
— Mike from Texas
The Crescent Project National Conference has by far been one of the most beneficial learning experiences I have ever had.
— John from Atlanta
I was so inspired and am planning on bringing my husband to the 2017 conference!
— Jane from Houston