Crescent Project Events


Find training events for Christians at all levels of engagement with Muslims, from the curious to the committed missionary.


Bridges Seminars ›

Our one-day Bridges Seminar, held numerous times annually across the country, presents an overview of the Bridges curriculum in a dynamic, interactive environment. 

Who should go:
Anyone looking for an introduction to Islam and understanding outreach to Muslims. Want to spark interest in reaching Muslims locally? Contact us about hosting a Bridges Seminar in your community.


Without Borders ›

Our Without Borders women's conference helps Christian women understand Muslim women, build relationships, and actively share the truth of Christ.

Who should go:
Any Christian woman curious about Islam or interested in learning more about how to connect and engage Muslim women with the Gospel.


National Conference ›

Crescent Project's annual 3-day conference brings an eclectic mix of speakers and exhibitors together to provide an introduction and affirmation to God's work in the Muslim world.

Who should go: Anyone with interest in reaching Muslims and hearing about God's work in the Muslim world, from the novice to the long-term worker.


Sahara Challenge ›

This one-week intensive training course takes a deeper look at Islam, Muslim culture, and ministry skills in preparation for outreach.

Who should go: Those looking to take a higher level coursework and training for reaching Muslims, including students, missions workers, and other Christians with deep interest in Muslim ministry.