God is at work, and something remarkable is happening.


More Muslims have come to Christ in the past 20 years than during the previous 1,400 years combined.

And the opportunities keep growing.

Never before has the Lord put so many Muslims within daily reach of so many Christians. But will these Muslims interact with authentic, sensitive Christians?

An influx of Muslims into the United States and Europe over the last several decades has provided opportunities right across the street. And the refugee crisis in Europe has brought unprecedented contact with millions of Muslims from traditionally hard-to-reach countries.

God is clearly at work within Muslims, opening their hearts as they experience Jesus in dreams and visions, through first time Bible study, and by meeting authentic Christians. This openness combined with new technologies has created an explosion of multiplying movements of Muslims to Christ that anyone and everyone can take part.


This isn't a time for being led by fear.

It's time to rally the Church to join God's remarkable work among Muslims.

God is on the move, and Crescent Project is working to mobilize His people. Our goal is to come alongside the church, address fears and knowledge gaps, and provide practical steps to help Christians move towards their Muslim neighbors.

What's a step I can take?

Great question.

More than ever, Muslims need compassionate, competent ambassadors for Christ.
Here are some suggestions based on your level of exposure to and interest in Islam.

Steps Icon_Dipping_1@300x-8.png

Dipping My Toes In

Steps - Swim@300x-8.png

Starting to Swim

Steps - Dive@300x-8.png


  • Try reaching a Muslim in a closed country through Crescent Project's online outreach arm, Embassy

  • Attend the Sahara Challenge four-day training and short-term trip

  • Host a Bridges One-Day® at your church

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