Expectations of Prospective Staff

  • Christ-like attitude of a servant-leader
  • Character that is balanced and Biblical
  • Competence performing ministry assignments
  • Chemistry and excitement about working with the staff team and all who are involved in our ministry
  • Cheerfulness as a result of the joy in the Lord as we minister to Christians and Muslims
  • Communicate well in front of others
  • Faith in God's power to save Muslims
  • Lifestyle free of habitual sin
  • Commitment to the values of Crescent Project
  • Consistent walk with the Spirit
  • Self-motivated
  • Humble attitude and desire to work with others as part of a team
  • Innovative in completing goals and tasks
  • Kingdom networker

Personal Support Raising

Crescent Project operates through the generosity of individuals and churches committed to the cause of reaching Muslims for Christ. In this same spirit, all staff candidates are expected to trust God and raise a financial support team to fund them in ministry. We do not provide salaries.

We believe that personal support raising is not only Biblical but builds character, grows faith, and solidifies the calling of the candidate. We work with the ministry Kingdom Come Training to help staff candidates meet their personal support goals.