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Crescent Project leads annual trips to Muslim communities in North America, Europe and the Middle East. These trips are usually offered in conjunction with Sahara Challenge


2019 Trips

Catania, Italy
September 20-29
Cost: $2,850

Catania, Italy is a beautiful city which has seen a mass migration of people from Africa and the Middle East. On this journey you will connect with those who have left their homelands and extend invitations to read Scripture and pray together, and connect them to the long-term team, whom this team is assisting in the larger process of disciple making among immigrant communities.

Registration Deadline: 5/24/2019
Deposit: $200 (Due at Registration)

Training Requirements: Sahara Challenge Preferred
Bridges minimum

Installment Payment Schedule:
$1,300 on June 1
$700 on July 1
$650 on August 1

San Francisco
August 9 - 15
Cost: $1,500

Join Crescent Project to experience a unique slice of California.  Your leader grew up in the Middle East in a Muslim country and brings a wealth of knowledge to our ministry in that region. He will lead you both in understanding the subculture of Islam in the area, and in practical ways of interacting and building bridges of hope with Muslim individuals who that have migrated there. You will discover and interact with the Afghan, Yemeni and Iranian communities as well as work with the homeless, many of whom are internationals.

Registration Deadline: 6/28/2019
Deposit: $200 (Due at Registration)

Training Requirements: Bridges

Installment Payment Schedule:
$600 on July 1
$350 on July 15
$350 on August 1

August 23 - September 2
Cost: $3,950

Lebanon is a fascinating historical country with much to discover – a land of rich natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, and cultural and faith diversity. It is the only country in the Middle East where one can find lifestyle and entertainment like that encountered in Western countries, while also enjoying traditions deeply rooted in the society. You will get a crash course in the country’s rich history, become a connoisseur of Middle Eastern cuisine, and most of all, experience Biblical stories coming to life. You will be working alongside the ongoing ministry of the local church today, understanding the challenges and offering hope to those in the trenches daily while also serving to share the hope of Christ with those curious to receive it.

Registration Deadline: 5/30/2019
Deposit: $200 (Due at Registration)

Training Requirements: Sahara Challenge Required

Installment Payment Schedule:
$1,500 on June 1
$1,125 on July 1
$1,125 on August 1

July 20 - 28
Cost: $3,330

The trip to Kazakhstan will be led by a Crescent Project staff member who has previously lived in Kazakhstan for 10 years with his family. This trip will include working with a local church planting team, befriending English speakers online before the trip and connecting with them once the team arrives, meeting university students, prayer walking, using short videos designed to stimulate spiritual discussion, and more.

Registration Deadline: 5/25/2019
Deposit: $200 (Due at Registration)

Training Requirements: Sahara Challenge Required

Installment Payment Schedule:
$1,500 on June 1
$825 on June 20
$805 on July 10


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