About Sahara Challenge

Sahara Challenge is an intensive classroom training and preparatory course focused on bridging the Gospel to the Muslim heart and mind. Participants include missionaries, pastors, lay workers, and college students, who receive practical tools and an encouraging message designed to spur a lifetime of service. 

Coursework Overview

Sahara Challenge coursework includes a mixture of classroom instruction and practical application. Courses are taught by former Muslims and experts in Islam and Muslim culture. Participants are required to read a set of preparatory books and view some online training videos.

Areas of study include: 



  • History, Growth and Influence
  • Beliefs and Rituals
  • Folk vs. Orthodox Islam
  • Position of Men vs. Women

Ministry Skills

  • Your Attitude and Approach
  • Bridging the Gospel
  • Assimilating the Culture
  • Communicating Cross-culturally

Spiritual Formation

  • Understanding and Using Your Spiritual Gifts
  • The Power of Fasting and Prayer in Muslim Ministry
  • Your Role in Bringing Muslims to Christ

Leadership and Teamwork

  • Servant Leadership
  • Leadership Styles
  • Ministering as a Team