Go Prepared!

Get free* outreach packs for your Bridges Study participants and others who are ready to carry the Gospel to Muslims they meet or already know!

The Crescent Project Outreach Pack contains an Arabic/English New Testament or Gospel of John, the Jesus Film on DVD, and Fouad Masri’s Adha in the Injeel booklet that bridges the idea of Islamic sacrifice with the power of the cross!

This special outreach pack provides an easy, tangible way to begin sharing the hope of Christ with Muslims.

* Shipping not included. Outreach Packs will only be shipped in the United States or Canada. (The recipient is responsible for paying all duty/custom fees upon receipt of package.)


Partner with us to spread the Gospel further!

Want to sponsor outreach packs for others? Your support can help get more outreach packs in the hands of Muslims near and far. Sponsor outreach packs today! Most Muslims become followers of Jesus after reading the Gospel. For only $10, you can fund an outreach pack for a Muslim that includes the Gospel. Find out more here.