Oasis Conference 2015: From Jihad to Jesus

The Islamic Caliphate is being reformed and evil is on display in horrific ways. And yet Muslims everywhere are searching for answers and many are more open to the Gospel than ever before. What is the role of the Church? How can we respond Biblically in the face of this immense and urgent challenge?

Join us as we explore the answers together at Oasis Conference 2015 - East and West! For the first time ever, Crescent Project will be hosting its annual equipping conference in two locations: Washington, DC and Oakland, California. Click on the corresponding link to the left to explore the one that you'd like to attend!

The Oasis Conference offers a wide assortment of workshops with general sessions designed to equip Christians who are either just checking out the scene or who have years of experience reaching Muslims. Come join us to learn how you can share the hope of Christ with Muslims near you.

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