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Aala, embassy is dedicated to you.

Aala was praying when a vision of darkness swept over her.

She was alone, standing in a rocky and barren land. She was afraid.

Embassy didn't exist yet. We were a few people who had landed unexpectedly with connections to thousands of Muslims in closed nations. Many had told us they wanted to read the Bible together.

Aala was one of the few we asked who said no. Then, she had almost immediately deleted her accounts.

We felt led to pray and fast for her. We heard nothing from Aala.

"Muslims today are still waiting for an authentic Christian witness."
Fouad Masri

Then, in a timing that felt both sudden and painfully long, she appeared on our screen. "I can barely see through the tears in my eyes. I can barely type. My hands are shaking."

Then she told us this. After she had said no, that she didn't want to read the Bible, she had wept.

She had stayed up late praying through tears, crying out to God. She had said, “Please, if I could have one day with them, I could know you. But I am so afraid.”

Then came a series of visions. In the first, she was alone in desolation. In the second, we came into that dark place.

We stood with her, and then she heard us speak these words: "Aala, God sees you, and he wants you to go where we're going. Come with us."

She said that we opened the Word of God and told her how. She didn't know what we had said, only that it was from the Bible. Suddenly, she was in a place full of life. It was green; there was light. There was a river like crystals. She felt joy, peace, love, and the presence of God.

Aala said, "And this is very strange, but there was something like a giant house with many many rooms. And you said to me, 'Aala, did you know you can go in there?'"

Aala wanted to know if there was any way to understand this imagery; if we had any idea what it meant.

Embassy was created shortly after this.

Because I know what this dream means for her. But I also know what it means for us.

There are hundreds of thousands of men and women who are within reach, who are living without a gospel witness. And that should matter to the church, because it matters to God.

He sees them. He’s among them. He’s moving in power. And he wants them to go where we’re going. May we never fail to say Come with us.


Crescent Project founder Fouad Masri shares his testimony.

Tom Doyle illustrates the remarkable opportunity to reach Muslims through a poignant story.


You go
to them.

We'll go
with you.


Here’s what Embassy offers volunteers.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Embassy doesn't pick someone for you... We help you step into the proverbial crowd and teach you how to start conversations with strangers.

As described above, Embassy is currently focusing on three featured platforms, but we're able to offer additional URL recommendations based on request. You can connect with Muslims in closed nations who:

  • Want to practice conversational English (but who don't need a teacher)
  • Are using forums to discuss truth
  • Are from a specific unengaged ethnic group, or in a particular city

Volunteers use the platforms provided to make a new friend, and then continue the conversation via audio, video, or text options. For security purposes, specific details are provided to volunteers only.

At its heart, Embassy is a movement of intentional goers. We locate the priority sites to send Christ-followers to, and then we go together, as a community.

Volunteers choose which nation(s) to reach into, taking the initiative to meet individuals who are systematically cut off from the Gospel. Within these relationships, we share openly about our faith in Christ, and we pray for our new friends by name. We invite them to study the Bible, and we walk with them as they encounter Jesus.

Some volunteers make lasting and deep friendships almost immediately; others reach out for months, sowing broadly. There’s no script, no predictions, and no guarantees. There’s only this:

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as if God were making his appeal through us…”
{II Corinthians 5:20}

We’ll show you where you can go.

We’ll provide training and support as you serve.

But ultimately, this is God's. Take a step of faith, go to the highways and hedges, and see what he will do.

Embassy volunteers dedicate at least 45 minutes per week to meet and continue ongoing conversations with Muslim friends in closed nations. That time does not all need to be at once; it can be broken up and spread throughout the week if desired.

We ask volunteers to commit to a six month term, but also offer an initial 1-month pilot term for individuals who want to try this before making a decision.

Yes. There are many ways to reach specific people groups online, and we can help you do that.

Volunteers are trained through Crescent Project. Accessible online or in live format, this training is:

You'll learn what Muslims believe, and how to respond to common questions they'll ask. Additionally, you'll receive resources like:

  • Recommendations on when and how to invite your Muslim friends to read the Bible with you
  • Story-sets to read with Muslims who are ready to explore the Bible
  • Bible-study leader guides to use as you read and more

The training is available online, and can be viewed individually or in a group setting. In total, the training videos take three hours to view.

Low in cost
Online training costs $17 total to complete. All funds go to help extend the reach of Crescent Project so that more can hear.

No, this is not an ESL ministry. Embassy volunteers connect online with Muslims abroad who already speak English.

There is no lesson planning involved, only conversation. For early conversations, a list of recommended conversational prompts or topics is available to volunteers.

It's always okay to tell your friend that you aren't sure what to say. Pause, contact your closest area staff member, and we'll help you navigate moments that feel confusing.

Yes. Online security procedures are in place to protect the privacy of individuals involved, with a main emphasis on maintaining the safety of Muslims and new believers living in closed nations.

For details about our process, and to understand what to expect, please contact us to set up a phone call.

In addition to serving as an Embassy volunteer, you can serve by joining our prayer team or by becoming a financial supporter.

Click on "Pray" or "Give" under the JOIN tab to learn more, or contact us with any questions!

We're so glad that you're interested in joining Embassy!

First, consider finding others to join with you. Ask your friends, or bring up the idea to your pastor or campus-group leader. You can use the videos under the VISION button to help cast the vision.

Next, click on "Volunteer" under the JOIN button. ead it, and follow the simple instructions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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