Ahmed and the 940 Thieves


Thieves can't steal what's given away. This story is about the day that we met 940 who tried.

But first we need to back up to 2011, when we met Ahmed.

Shortly into conversation, Ahmed introduced us to two of his closest friends, also devout Muslims, who he thought would also be interested in studying the Word of God. Yunus and Saeed were added to a growing list of contacts abroad who were waiting to find a Christ-follower to talk to about Jesus. And while it may be common for our friends abroad to introduce us to their friends, especially as conversations get to places of depth, what Ahmed has recently done has has gone far past that. Because Ahmed decided to introduce us to 940 more people.

These 940 stole from me.

My cynicism, my incredulity, my willingness to give up.

They took what God didn't want me to have to begin with. They took until I realized it was time to hand this over.

It was nothing they said, and nothing they did. It's the fact that they exist. As a group, as an entity; a sudden reminder of what an oikos is, and what it looks like when one person starts taking steps towards Christ.

Our home page includes the statement, "The world says there's too much tension; the world says there's too much distrust. We say..." We'll leave it there. How would you finish the sentence? I know how Ahmed would finish it. He believes that there is hope for our world.

He believes that this is our time. That our generation and generations to come can step directly into the fear, pain, and hostility of this moment in time and actually get to know each other. He believes that God can do something radical through that.

As followers of Jesus, we believe that there is only one way to have peace with God and peace with mankind. We believe that the reality of Jesus is the one message, the one truth, that supersedes all others. One great hope that is fundamentally different from all other "hopes" that religions, philosophies, and human wisdom and goodness can ever offer.

We thank God for Ahmed and his willingness to step out. Please pray that God would greatly increase the number of Christ-followers who are willing to volunteer with Embassy. If 10 or 50 or 900 of Ahmed's friends are willing to talk, may followers of Jesus be standing by, ready to say yes in equal numbers.