Bridges Content Overview

Get an overview of all six sessions, then enjoy a free preview of Session 4 below.


Session 1 

Islam Rising

Islam’s beginning and how it spread, Who Muhammad was and how he lived his life, The role of the Qur’an and Hadith

Session 2 

Belief and Ritual

Belief system of Muslims, Basic practices and rituals

Session 3 

Attitudes of an Ambassador

Role and approach of an ambassador, Recognizing differences among Muslims


Session 4   Preview Now

Bridging the Gospel

Using similarities between Christianity and Islam to extend the Gospel, Differences as discussion points for sharing truth

Session 5 

Tools for Reaching Muslims: 
Understanding the New Testament’s credibility

The four books Muslims must read and follow, Explaining how God’s word cannot be changed

Session 6 

Tools for Reaching Muslims:
Understanding Jesus’ sacrifice

Muslim perceptions of grace, Significance of sacrifice in Islam, Explaining Christ as the true Adha (or sacrifice)



Bridges Study Preview

Watch Session 4: Bridging the Gospel along with the Companion Book (as a free downloadable PDF) to get a feel for the content of the study.