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Seminar FAQs

My training has Bridges Leaders Training in the afternoon.  What is that?  (Not all Bridges Seminars have this optional session.)

During this two hour session we will walk you through how to lead the 6-week Bridges Study DVD series in your church and in your community.  The 6-week series builds upon the information received during the Bridges Seminar, plus, it challenges people to apply what they are learning through practical outreach instruction. Combining the Bridges Seminar with a 6-week study in your church or organization will inform and engage your people.

I've done the Bridges DVD study, why should I also attend the Bridges Seminar?

We are glad you have gone through the Bridges Study. We would like to continue to challenge and inspire you, so join us at the Bridges Seminar to hear Fouad tell stories of God working, to participate in Q&A, and to check out our great resource center. You’ll also meet people in your region who are interested in Muslim ministry and get connected with local ministries involved with Muslims.

I’ve just gone to Bridges Seminar, should I also do the Bridges DVD study?

Yes. We’re glad you joined us for an exciting day of inspiration, learning and connections. Doing a Bridges Study in a small group will allow you to go over the material again, work through your questions in a group, and put into practice what you have learned through the weekly action point. Even better, by leading a study, you aren’t keeping your new knowledge to yourself; gather a few friends, serve some baklava, and start your own Bridges small group!

Is the training appropriate for high schoolers?

Yes! In fact, middle school age children are encouraged to attend as well.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a pen and a readiness to learn.  We’ll provide the rest.

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