10 Ramadan Opportunities You Can Step Into


Ramadan is a month in the Islamic lunar calendar but it isn’t just any month.  Ramadan is the month in which - according to Islamic theology - the first revelation of the Koran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad and it is during this month that all Muslims across the globe are required to abstain from all earthly pleasures - food, water, cigarettes, sexual relations - from sun up to sun down.  Fasting like this during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is one of the most important religious and cultural holidays for Muslims.  This year Ramadan runs from May 5th through June 4th.

Below is a short video explaining Ramadan.  It is a few years old so the dates are wrong and it was created by a secular news source.

Ramadan Opportunities
Ramadan is a tremendous opportunity to learn, pray and build relationships with Muslims in your community.  God is on the move in the Muslim world.  More Muslims have come to faith in Christ in the last fifteen years than in the previous 1400 years combined.  He is doing a new work and with today’s article I want to offer a number of ideas of how you can be a part of that work during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Prayer Guide
Since 1993, the 30 Days Muslim World Prayer Guide has been helping to both educate and lead Christians into a season of prayer for the Muslim world.  This guide is a great resource to help you spend a few minutes each day praying for God to move powerfully.  Each page has a few paragraphs about the day’s topic and three ideas to help you focus your prayer.  Order one for your family or consider ordering more and enlisting others to pray as well.

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Prayercast also has a 30 day prayer email series which you can learn about at this link.

Wish Your Muslim Friends a Happy Ramadan
An easy way to wish your Muslim friends a happy Ramadan is to say “Happy Ramadan.”  It's really that simple but you could also say “Ramadan Mubarak” which is a simple way to say happy Ramadan in Arabic and is a greeting used across the Muslim world.  

Read a Book or Two
Ramadan could be a great month to choose a book about Islam or the Muslim world to read.  An even better idea would be to gather a group of friends to read a book together.  Here are a few suggestions:

Show a Prayercast at Your Church
Many in our churches are struggling with how to respond to the world of Islam.  There are many voices vying to shape the narrative around how we should think about Muslims.  Prayercast is a great resource to help shape that narrative in ways more reflective of the heart of Jesus.  You could show the Prayercast Islam video or Prayercast videos from any of the Muslim majority countries in our world at your church on a Sunday morning.  Each video is just 3-4 minutes in length.

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Attend an Iftar Meal at a Local Mosque
If you live in a city with a local Islamic Center you may be able to attend a community iftar meal. Many Mosques in North America use Ramadan as an opportunity to invite people in for this breaking of fast meal with the Muslim community. They usually set aside one evening of Ramadan for this.  Check the website of your local Islamic center to see if they have a community iftar meal.

[Mosque Visit Purpose and Etiquette]

Make a Friend Online
Across the Muslim world people are getting online in search of friendship and language partners.  Embassy exists to connect Muslims and Christians so that bold and honest conversations about Christ can happen.  They would like to help you get started today. 
You too can be a part of Greater Things.

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Host a Movie at Your Church
There are a lot of great movies that have been made to help you and your church grow in your love and concern for the Muslim world.  Consider having a movie night to watch one of these movies together with others from your church.

Pray for a Muslim People Group
Pick a particular Muslim people group and spend the month of Ramadan learning about them and praying for them.  Here is a list of unreached Muslim people groups from Joshua Project - there are over 3,000 groups making up 23% of the world’ population.  

[See the List]

Host a Ramadan Prayer Night
Another great opportunity is to host a Ramadan prayer night.  We’d love to help you make this happen if you’d like to do this.  It could be as simple as gathering friends in your home to pray or you could organize a community wide prayer event at your church.

Get More Training
Maybe you are wanting to dive in deeper, to get more training so you can be better prepared.  Crescent Project has an intensive training event every summer called Sahara Challenge.  

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Whatever you do, do something.  Do it in love and do it in prayer.
And we'd love to hear about it so share your Ramadan plans and actions in the comments below.

Written by Aaron Meyers, South Dakota Area Leader of Crescent Project